A Poem A Day review

KDrama Review | A Poem A Day

You must be able to express your sadness and be able to cry together to be a family. You must be able to express your happiness and be able to be happy for one another to be a family.

Come and Hug Me review

KDrama Review | Come and Hug Me

"when you're sad, cry. when you're tired, hug. that's how we live. holding back comes next. when you've tried all you can and nothing works, that's when you hold back."

I'm Not A Robot kdrama

KDrama Review | I’m Not a Robot

"They say the first humans were made of atomic dust, why look for a star outside when they're inside you?"

Because This Is My First Life

KDrama Review | Because This Is My First Life

When we meet someone, we meet his past, present and future with him. Everyone has its weight. The beauty of meeting someone would be accepting all of his baggage. After all, every failure, triumph, and dreams are what make us.

1% of Something review

KDrama Review | 1% of Something (2016)

I really like the concept and the message of the story. That 1% can make all the difference. I don't believe things happen by chance because life is a series of everyone's choices and decisions. If you act upon that 1%, then that is when you move your fate. The possibilities are endless.

While You Were Sleeping

KDrama Review | While You Were Sleeping

I’m curious of that one little detail I changed. Will that one little detail be able to prevent something horrible that’s going to happen?

Chicago Typewriter review

KDrama Review | Chicago Typewriter

조국은 빼앗겼지만 나에게서 문장을 빼앗을 순 없어 Even though my country has been taken away, they can’t take my words away from me. 

KDrama Review | Goblin

Every moment I spent with you… shined.