self expression through arts

how do you express yourself?

How about you? How do you express yourself?

persona bts

what is your persona?

Do you ever ask yourself who you really are? It is the exact reason why I love the Jungian concept. It shows how we are layers and layers and layers and layers of different personalities. It is not like a part of you is fake; it just suggests that we are all capable of change and growth.

love yourself answer

Love Youself Series: Answer 結

Self love is finding and feeling at home with yourself - not somewhere else. Self love is about accepting the fact that you can't make home out of people. I hope we all find our way home

hope world review

Review: Hope World Lives Up to Its Name

Hixtape tells us to hope, to dream, to make those dreams into reality, to look back to the past and celebrate life, to make a difference and extend help.

I Am In Love With a Poet

Words bleed and heal. I lost my words when I lost him. Words broke me when it was supposed to help me keep myself together. That night, I failed to reach out to him. It still hurts. I am still bleeding. I don’t know if I will ever be okay again. But while I’m at it, maybe I can use each droplet of blood to get back the words I forgot I have in me. I wasn’t able to save him but maybe if I try harder, I can save someone. Maybe when I let myself bleed words, I can finally heal. And maybe one day, my words will finally reach him, too.

end violence

#ENDViolence | A Global Movement

If we have enough love for ourselves and for others, we can #ENDViolence.

bts love yourself her

BTS Love Yourself HER Review + Giveaway [CLOSED]

Do you realize how paradoxical these lyrics are? I hate how brutally honest this is. LOL The real face of fan culture.


Don't let the world take away your kindness.