A Year After

This time last year, it was raining while the dancing lights kept ablaze. And with cold fingers, I let the breeze seeped in. Since then, winter lives on in me. The snow burns, but it keeps me going; The heart bleeds, but it keeps on beating.  The emerald against the blue tapestry. I will remember. … Continue reading A Year After

poem about anxiety

Poetry | Taken Away

words that kept them going and stitched them whole were the same words that triggered; the same words that rattled

Poetry | Little Star

You are the cosmo, don't forget that. I hope you find comfort and peace today

Poetry | Litost

Suddenly, her existence is no longer trapped in a labyrinth or sucked by black holes.

It just remains an endless pit of disappointment towards herself.

Poetry | Empath

I don't know when it started I was out of my body yet I still feel and see clearly she is happy he is sad she is feeling he is thinking they are breathing I was there until I was not 'til the barriers collapsed i am suddenly caged inside a room a room of … Continue reading Poetry | Empath

Poetry | Gunshot

I remember my hands shaking but only for a second then, I— I pulled the trigger I woke up crying 'cause pulled the trigger but in reality, I pulled myself up instead 'cause that is what I must do I woke up from the nightmare but I still have the gun [Disclaimer: featured photo; caption … Continue reading Poetry | Gunshot

Poetry | When Things Collide

How souls collide
in a stellar collision
and we're finally home

Poetry | Narcissus and the Lake

Are we just a reflection of something else that's why we don't really see ourselves?