vienna noreen as seen on:

THOUGHT CATALOG“A website dedicated to your stories and ideas”


POP PINAS – “It’s all about You & the Music! We’re talking about the music world of today in the Philippines!”


  • 10 Times That You’re Favorite Song Is Right About Young Love
  • Back Home
  • This Is How Ed Sheeran’s New Record Literally Divide My Heart In Two

BAY ART“Inspire. Encourage. Learn. Educate.”

This website is just so full of positive vibes it gives me a new sense of hope.


WNQ-WRITERS“A blog dedicated to aspiring writers.”

Short Poems:

CANDY“..the ultimate hangout for the Pinay teen”


CELINEISM – “I wonder, I wander and I write.”

I know I still have a long way to go and my writings still need improvement but I’m already thankful for all these opportunities I got.

If you want to work with me or you just need someone to talk to, do not hesitate toย Inbox me. Let’s allow ourselves to grow more and more. xx

ยฉ April 2019

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