Sunday Currently Vol 6 | True Beauty and milkshake

It's a good Sunday. I got a free milkshake from my favorite café, so I thought I'd write a Sunday Currently as I savor every sip. 😌 Reading Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami. I just picked it up again this week, and I feel like I want to read again from the start because there … Continue reading Sunday Currently Vol 6 | True Beauty and milkshake

kdrama review The Smile Has Left Your Eyes

KDrama Review | The Smile Has Left Your Eyes (2018)

The Smile Has Left Your Eyes is also known as Hundred Million Stars from the Sky and is a remake of 2002 Japanese series of the same title. The Story The Smile Has Left Your Eyes is about two orphans who grew up with no recollection of their childhood. When they met as adults, they … Continue reading KDrama Review | The Smile Has Left Your Eyes (2018)

close up photo of flowers

sunrise or sunset?

I love how the world succumbs to Midas touch during sunset. Everything glows and glitters with hues of fires and tangerines; tinctured with gold. It reminds me again how I used to love it more than sunrise. In an old blog post, I said: I love the sunset more than the sunrise. Sunrise sure does bestow hope. It makes … Continue reading sunrise or sunset?

you are in a much better place now

In every footstep, I watched the rain fell on the ground, leaving traces of silver on the grass. I felt each drop make a soft thud atop my head, slowly falling down through my forlorn face. I looked up and welcomed the cold sensation, breathing in the scent of the earth as the clouds continued … Continue reading you are in a much better place now

shadows on the wall

how can I do that?

I went down this rabbit hole called the existential crisis. I want to somehow make a difference, leave an impact, be someone that inspires people and lift them up, but how can I do that when I don't even pick up the pen anymore? When writing is the only thing I know I do best, … Continue reading how can I do that?

bicycle stuck in the flood

it’s storming outside…

It is the 1st of November. I am slumped on the floor of our tiny home with my three cats lying beside me, tucked under the blanket to keep us warm. I am having my second cup of coffee for today, and I thought I am going to write since the electricity is finally back … Continue reading it’s storming outside…

Record of Youth kdrama review

KDrama Review | Record Of Youth (2020)

Record of Youth is the third Korean drama I have watched with my friend through Netflix Party (Teleparty). From Hospital Playlist to It's Okay Not To Be Okay to this, the first drama we didn't like from the very first episode. We only managed to get through it because it's Park Bogum. We really love … Continue reading KDrama Review | Record Of Youth (2020)

green ocean

Resistance: Resilience

I squinted towards the horizon, noticing the faint, soft glow of the sun as the clouds cascaded over it. It was a misty morning in Cebu, and it was nothing spectacular – but a scenery only morning people could experience nonetheless. It was nothing spectacular, except it was my first time in this city. The … Continue reading Resistance: Resilience