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"And I thought, that's 'cause they're fishes. They were supposed to swim. Just like people are supposed to keep going."

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what is your persona?

Do you ever ask yourself who you really are? It is the exact reason why I love the Jungian concept. It shows how we are layers and layers and layers and layers of different personalities. It is not like a part of you is fake; it just suggests that we are all capable of change and growth.

love yourself answer

Love Youself Series: Answer 結

Self love is finding and feeling at home with yourself - not somewhere else. Self love is about accepting the fact that you can't make home out of people. I hope we all find our way home

#Remember0416🎗 | Why It Matters

Sometimes, I forget the value of life and I forget what it means to live. But to think that there are people who do not get the chance to go on because the circumstances don't permit them to, it gives me more reasons to keep going and live for them and for myself;

bts crystal snow

Poetry | Someday I Will Be Home

when the c l o u d s finally consume me;

when the universe set me ablaze—

I will be home

The Flower We Saw That Day

He was born in winter but he gives me warmth. He is my calm. 

end violence

#ENDViolence | A Global Movement

If we have enough love for ourselves and for others, we can #ENDViolence.


We keep thinking too much and feeling too much. Perhaps, it's our brain messing with us. It would be lovely if you can share to us your thoughts, too. It's impossible that we are the only ones to have this kind of mindset, right?