Korean Journal Spread For Bloggers + Brand Collab

Now, for bloggers. A spread where we can dump our ideas is very helpful. Here, you can see that I already filled in the whole month. I am planning to post daily again (hopefully). Set some scheduled post, but I still lack a week, I think. If you have writing prompts for me, comment it down!

June Journal Spread | Tombow Dual Brush Pens

Hi, friends ~ I'm happy to be back with my monthly journal spread. I keep doing this even though I think I am not improving. Hahaha! But it is my first time using Tombow brush, so I was ecstatic!   Since June is my birth month, I decided to go with my zodiac, Gemini. I really … Continue reading June Journal Spread | Tombow Dual Brush Pens

April Monthly Journal Spread + blog goals and life purpose

Personally, tracking our goals will give us a sense of purpose. I hope we do not lose that. Our purpose will help us keep going. This purpose will help us try to live at least for another day (or more). 

Poetry | When Things Collide

How souls collide in a stellar collision and we're finally home

March Journal Spread | Why Do You Like Summer? 😪

"if we're together, even the desert becomes the sea."

My February Journal Spread + Graveyard Shift

I already got lots of failures this January. Bad decisions and all that. I still beat myself for those things. But, I'm trying. I hope someday I can redeem myself and live the life I love. And I wish the same for you. 


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