This Is Your Death (Trigger Warning)

We already know what's right and wrong, but when you are suffering from mental illnesses, your thinking could be twisted. Sometimes, the concept of right and wrong gets blurry along with your memories. So, the message here is to seek help and find your ground. If you are lucky enough to be 'normal enough' and free from any of these illnesses, always listen. Be patient. People with mental illnesses have the capacity to always withdraw. Hold them and keep them near at all cost. Do not let them float in the abyss alone.

Poetry | Chaos in Abstract

It’s that time of the year again when I don’t want us to part— but we’re a delicate abstract art


These are just a few things I wanted to say that I couldn't out loud. We both know how bad we are with conversations. I just hope you will open up more to me. I'm not the best ate but I'd listen. I will always listen.


"..because none of us made it home."

Failed Marriage

I don't know what's worse.. To grow up in a broken family. No father protecting you or no mother comforting you. Scheduled visit to here and there just to spend time with one of them. Or.. To grow up in a complete happy family. Then suddenly see it all fall apart. 22 years of marriage … Continue reading Failed Marriage