When You Don’t Have the Freedom and Luxury to Chase Your Dream But You Still Hope

If there are lines not to be crossed yet we still cross it, how far could we go? How far would you go? When can we say that we have reached our limits? When can we say that enough is enough?


her heart, bigger than a ball of fist her soul remains caged in a grain of mist

feeling lost

maybe this is why i feel lost

I realized that I feel lost because I always choose to live inside the books instead of making my own story. I always say it’s my escape from reality. How can I live to the fullest if I keep running away from the life I’m supposed to live?


Junice: You must be brave when you fall in love. ‘Cause you give him the power to break your entire being. Vienna: It would be a privilege to have my heart broken by him. TFIOS reference! He’s worth it. I know I won’t be bitter whatsoever if this ends (again) badly. Junice: Even with yourself? … Continue reading DETACHMENT