When was the last time you feel happy and contented?

Should I be happy to feel contented or should I be contented to be happy? I blog so much about happiness but not really about contentment, I believe. I saw a tweet from the Astro community that made me want to talk about it now. My Gemini ass just HAD to respond, so I said: … Continue reading When was the last time you feel happy and contented?


When You Don’t Have the Freedom and Luxury to Chase Your Dream But You Still Hope

If there are lines not to be crossed yet we still cross it, how far could we go? How far would you go? When can we say that we have reached our limits? When can we say that enough is enough?


I hope you pick up bits and pieces of happiness along the way to give you strength to live another day. You deserve the spring.

What Made You Happy Today?

Let me just hold on to this delicate glass of euphoria for a little longer. Just a little bit more.

Maybe This Is What It Means To Bleed Words

Why can't I write happy poems? I've realized that we want to get rid of sadness, so we write it down. It will be immortalized in words, sure, but it's a release nonetheless. On the other hand, we want to conceal happiness—inside us. Until we are filled with it. Maybe that's why Lang Leav said that "all sad people write". 

I Sent You an Email

Jar of happiness. I made this as the subject of this email because I believe that we can collect each happy moment and store it in a jar. Please remember that happiness don't necessarily have to be grand. It can be as simple as seeing the sunrise or enjoying your breakfast. It can be a night run or a walk in the park. When the time comes that you need a reason to keep going, please take one moment from the jar. We can't be happy 24/7. Sadness is inevitable. Here is the challenge, though. When you take one, make sure you replace it. Do not let it go down halfway. It would be better if you will let it overflow the brim. It would be better if we can share it with one another, right? Be the happiness your self needs and be the happiness that shine upon others.


After months of having this on my drafts, I finally have the missing pieces to complete the thought. I found the answers, if not all, to all my questions. Read on, cool beans. Let's walk down this path together ~ “Are you okay?” is what you often hear from people. It is vague. It could … Continue reading NOTHING IS ABSOLUTE


It was on a normal day that one perfect timing occurred and I am so so grateful to have you in my life.