Read This If You Don’t Know What You Want

If we can't be entirely true to the people around us (because we all have this facade, walls, barricade, or whichever you call it, built up so high), let us at least be honest to ourselves. We owe at least that to ourselves. Growth is painful.

What happens to the people we meet in passing?

They were so full of life and youth I literally wished on the stars that it wouldn't be taken away from them.

On Van Gogh’s Last Words and The Egg

Sadness lasts more than happiness ever does.


I’ll never forget this day [...] No matter what the future holds [DISCLAIMER: featured image]

Live Fiercely: Fight Against Anxiety

We lose our senses until we forget our strengths.

When You Don’t Have the Freedom and Luxury to Chase Your Dream But You Still Hope

If there are lines not to be crossed yet we still cross it, how far could we go? How far would you go? When can we say that we have reached our limits? When can we say that enough is enough?


I hope you pick up bits and pieces of happiness along the way to give you strength to live another day. You deserve the spring.

What Made You Happy Today?

Let me just hold on to this delicate glass of euphoria for a little longer. Just a little bit more.