self expression through arts

how do you express yourself?

How about you? How do you express yourself?

hope world review

Review: Hope World Lives Up to Its Name

Hixtape tells us to hope, to dream, to make those dreams into reality, to look back to the past and celebrate life, to make a difference and extend help.


"..back story nun.. ang ganda ganda na ng relationship namin, nilaglag niya ako kasi during at that time, I was just a struggling artist. she thought I wouldn't make it so she was scared. she dropped me even though I know she still has feelings for me.. she thought I wouldn't make it but *hihi* I was able to do lots of things. actually, it motivated me to do what I do now."


I fell in love with writing poems before reading novels. I think I was 9 then. I was inspired by Judy Abbott while the first novel I've read was Before Women Had Wings when I was about 11, I think? I fell in love with the two as I fell in love with music too. So much love all at once and I'm glad--I am beyond astounded by how much a heart can hold.


Remember when I told you I have written a lot of poems and stuff about/because of you? Well, this will be the last one. And I'm going to pour my soul on this just like I did pour all the love in me to you. I may or may not send this to you because … Continue reading THE LAST LETTER


If this turns out well, I'll fight for this. If not, he will remain as the guy at the back of the car listening to Ed Sheeran--nothing more, nothing less. Everything that'll happen in between will fade just like the last note of a song. I think that's one thing about music, it connects people deeply--not … Continue reading IF