Blogmas #2: Why?

Why do we cry alone? Why don't we reach out when we're sad and then wonder why we feel lonely? Why do we deny ourselves of comfort and companion and wonder why we are never in a deep relationship with people—soul to soul?


Why Do You Write?

I write because I want my voice to be heard; for my voice to be louder than the screams inside my head.

On Van Gogh’s Last Words and The Egg

Sadness lasts more than happiness ever does.


I’ll never forget this day [...] No matter what the future holds [DISCLAIMER: featured image]

Maybe This Is What It Means To Bleed Words

Why can't I write happy poems? I've realized that we want to get rid of sadness, so we write it down. It will be immortalized in words, sure, but it's a release nonetheless. On the other hand, we want to conceal happiness—inside us. Until we are filled with it. Maybe that's why Lang Leav said that "all sad people write". 

Poetry | When Will Spring Come?

it is cold and colder and sadder and colder. Both sting. Let's end it here.

The Oasis on That Night

Even the desert has its oasis and the universe still got its stars. It may be raining too hard here but the sun still shines.


I am no longer living I am now just trying to survive.