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Welcome to My Shop!

Recently, I opened this little shop of mine where I sell tees that are designed by me, all inspired by my old poems, blog posts, and just random things I love. Initially, I wanted to make a collection for mental health matters to help end the stigma. If you have been a reader here for … Continue reading Welcome to My Shop!

Are You Too Hard on Yourself?

If being hard on ourselves mean we just want to be the best version that we possibly can, then be it.

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Poetry | The Universe Inside Me

The universe represents our emotions, doesn’t it? It’s a million little stars, a series of wormholes upon wormholes, infinite, vast, indescribable, mysterious.

Chicago Typewriter review

KDrama Review | Chicago Typewriter

조국은 빼앗겼지만 나에게서 문장을 빼앗을 순 없어

Even though my country has been taken away, they can’t take my words away from me.