when words blend

how fake is your social media?

Some of us would say that not everything you see in social media is true. Yes. But, I don’t think they are fake either. We all have our reasons for sharing what we share.

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Not everyone conforms to the norms, if you don't know that already. The society is changing. Now, if you think that it should be objective and just judge right away, that says a lot about you. All I'm saying is it is your choice to be influenced or not.


Hi! So, this post is my reaction to Justine Patricia’s Youtube video. She talked about her anxiety and how she stopped posting everything or anything that comes to her mind because she feels like she is not 'educated enough' to talk about certain things like ‘feminism’, ‘presidential elections’ and whatnot. She’s so anxious of what other people … Continue reading ANXIETY & SOCIETY