This Is Your Death (Trigger Warning)

We already know what's right and wrong, but when you are suffering from mental illnesses, your thinking could be twisted. Sometimes, the concept of right and wrong gets blurry along with your memories. So, the message here is to seek help and find your ground. If you are lucky enough to be 'normal enough' and free from any of these illnesses, always listen. Be patient. People with mental illnesses have the capacity to always withdraw. Hold them and keep them near at all cost. Do not let them float in the abyss alone.


I’ll never forget this day [...] No matter what the future holds [DISCLAIMER: featured image]

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You Don’t Question Suicide, Please Shut Up

I was contemplating about posting. It might trigger. It might not send the message I really want to convey. But, I really want to speak up. These are my words. PLEASE LISTEN. WAKE UP. DEPRESSION SHOULDN’T BE TAKEN LIGHTLY. YOUR IGNORANCE WON’T HELP SAVE A LIFE. PLEASE LISTEN AND TRY TO UNDERSTAND. THIS IS REALITY. PLEASE LISTEN AND ALWAYS BE THERE FOR PEOPLE.


Do I want these thoughts? No. That’s why I’m trying so hard to survive. Do I want the pain to end? Definitely. Do I want to live? YES. But that doesn’t change the fact that I am depressed; that I am struggling; that I am fighting.

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Movie Review | Last Night (2017)

It was so heart breaking yet I felt hopeful after.


This is not to trigger anyone. This is to spread awareness. This is my bleeding heart but hopeful soul. Please stay clean with me.

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13 Reasons Why I Completely Lost Interest on Hannah Baker’s Tapes

"You may have an idea, but you cant be sure. Not a hundred percent. Each word, specifically chosen, could have a million different meanings. Is it a stand-in ―a symbol for another idea? Does it fit into a larger, more hidden, metaphor?"


It’s too late. I hope it wasn’t too late. I hope you talked to someone. I hope you sought for help. I don’t know what you have gone through. I just hope you guide and give strength to everyone you left behind. You may not have had a strong heart but I believe you got a big heart. You probably gave your all to others that you emptied yourself.