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What’s the Hardest Thing to Write?

Lately, writing has been one of the things I forgot how to do. Trying to come up with something, even just a word, has become such a tedious task that I just stopped trying. Did I exhaust all the words inside me? It was frustrating, to say the least. But if we will go back … Continue reading What’s the Hardest Thing to Write?

self expression through arts

how do you express yourself?

How about you? How do you express yourself?


new gigs and tattoo

Remember when I said I’m getting a tattoo when I turned 25? It finally happened last month.

Blog Series: Bubbles of Gratitude #1

These are the things that I am grateful for—bubbles of different sizes I am encapsulating in a snow globe. There, I can’t pop it, and I’ll make sure I don’t break it either.

The Water Never Resists the Wind

The waters are really beautiful, dangerously beautiful—like we are.

Read This If You Don’t Know What You Want

If we can't be entirely true to the people around us (because we all have this facade, walls, barricade, or whichever you call it, built up so high), let us at least be honest to ourselves.

We owe at least that to ourselves. Growth is painful.

The Sunday Currently Vol 4 | books and rainy days

How's your day today? Please stay strong xx

I Want to Live, I Will Live

I want to live, that is why I fight it. It is what all the struggles are for: to live.