I am a HUGE fan of knapsack. I hate other kinds of bags. I don’t like the thought of one shoulder carrying all the weight of my belongings. Knapsack screams balance and comfort. But life is about going out of the box, trying something new and to live outside your comfort zone, isn’t it? Deep, eh? Let me tell you something deeper than that: Wearable Art Collection. Because of this, I totes had a change of heart.

I am a sucker for art and passion. Serigrafia MNL turned those two things I love into fashion and I couldn’t ask for more. Their Wearable Art Collection is about showcasing the youth’s talent and passion in arts. They got students from Regional Lead School for the Arts in Angono (RLSAA) involved in this project. Angono, Rizal, in case you don’t know, is the Art Capital of the Philippines.

All the tote bags in this collection were designed by the Visual Arts students from RLSAA—grades 7, 9 and 10. Their traditional artworks were scanned and digitally enhanced to inscribe the masterpiece into a bag. If you don’t find it appealing, I don’t know what will. I was so dazzled by the designs that I got myself one. No regrets! My personal favorite is the Flower Girl scheme.


This 12.5×14 inches tote bag is just about the right size for your gala or just your daily get-up. I can get everything I need in it: my grooming kit, a book (because I don’t go out without one, it’s a great escape from the heavy traffic), a bottled water (keep yourself hydrated!), an umbrella (sunny or rainy, it’s a necessity), my wallet and a couple of gadgets. Isn’t it convenient? Also, one of my favorite things about this is it has a zipper! Safe and secured! The main issue I have with other totes is its open hem. It’s not really ideal to use especially when you commute. I’m glad this one surpass the ordinary.

It’s made of canvas naturally used for artworks and its color will definitely fit your ootds! I sure did my experiment. 😉 I’m so happy how the Flower Girl still stands out.

Inside the tote bags of the Wearable Art Collection, you’ll see the name and grade level of the student who designed the original artwork under Serigrafia MNL’s logo. Flower Girl was designed by Desiree Villanueva, a grade 10 student.


If I happen to meet this girl, I will ask her the inspiration behind the picture. I have my own interpretation myself and it’d be lovely to share it to you. I love everything that ignites my inner poet. I am a self-proclaimed one. There’s something in this tote bag that flickered the flames of words inside me.

the wood is as cruel as the world
I’m scared and lost
the trees are as tall as my walls
I’m caged and lost
the sky is as cloudless as my inside
I’m empty and lost
A lightning strikes as the night falls
It’s dark I’m lost
the rain pours as heavy as my tears
I’m scarred and lost
the flowers are like thorns I wear as crowns
I’m a flower girl yet to be found

So you see, that’s how strong the impact of this bag has on me. I fell in love with this Collection the first time I laid eyes on the artworks. They are just pure art. It’s not just a brand. It is a passion in fashion.

Photos by Serigrafia MNL

Serigrafia MNL offers more design for PHP250.00 only. They are on free shipping promo until July 15 through the Shopee.

I really do hope we see more artworks, Serigrafia MNL!

P.S. Please do ask your artists about the stories behind their Magnum Opus. It would be interesting to know. That will add more colors to their canvas.

Something to ponder about:

Your life is one big blank canvass, fill it with your own paint of Arts. Splash some heart, stroke some passion, trace some driblets of soul and you’ll feel the texture of freedom.

⚑ FTC: The Flower Girl tote bag was given to me by Serigrafia MNL in exchange of my honest opinion about the product.

DISCLAIMER: featured image is taken by Alyssa Anuran」

[Edit 20190818 – Serigrafia MNL has a new brand called Wanderground. You can check their Instagram account here.]

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