I am falling
the kind that feels like flying
I stand in the limbo
while you shine above
and await beneath—
both hands reaching
you are smiling;
you are laughing..
I am in awe
stuck amidst these cloudbanks
mirrors upon mirrors of your face

coffee milk stylekorean
I can’t help but stare
until it cracked open—
ethereal feathers appeared;
right side is black
the left one is white..
You are both my salvation
and my destruction
Your eyes illuminate my soul—
You are my hearth;
you serve me warmth
As spring begins,
you lend me your wings..
Together we fly
and touch the sky—
This is me falling
You make it feel like flying
Soaring high beyond—
destroying ball and chains;
we are AWAKE.

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I appreciate you lots.

when words blend


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