Hi, friends! Hi, March ✨

HOW CAN FEBRUARY PASSED BY JUST LIKE THAT? (I mean, I say this every month LOL but how dare this month fell short of days as if we don’t lack of time alr???)

You know how the calendar is made to “line up with the seasons” but not all countries have the same seasons? I really like to somehow blame the Romans. 😂 We don’t have spring here in the Philippines. (that’s why I didn’t use spring theme for my spread) We are now entering summer and gaaah I hate. It’s basically summer here all year round due to our climate it’s not that exciting 😪

Though the ocean theme of my spread has nothing to do with summer, at all. It’s just that I’ve been thinking a lot about this quote: if we’re together, even the desert becomes the sea.”

mar1 1

Given that the desert is the hardship and sea being the, well, haven. An oasis, if you may. It’s a wonderful thought, right? It’s hopeful. But, if I will think of it, how is the desert more of a hardship than the sea? They are both storms for me. You can’t completely survive in the sea. You need an island, too. I realized that these two portrays life. They are vast, infinite, dangerous. Despite of it all, they are still beautiful. They are calm in some days, chaos in others. Isn’t life the greatest paradox?

I talk (lol write) so much, right? I’m just explaining the concept of this theme. HAHAHAHAHA! Like my January spread, I used two pages for my monthly log (assuming that I can actually fill up these dates with something relevant. I actually have plans now contrary to what I’ve said in my last month’s first post).

I also put a SNS tracker which I didn’t have the past two months. Yes, I am monitoring now my social sites because I created new accounts (Twitter and Instagram) solely for this blog. Then, I put on private all of my personal acc. Hehe I kind of want to build my audience outside my personal circles. I really really want to grow this blog because I want to say a lot of things and reach more people.

mar1 2.jpg

Mind you, I only have 3 spreads. I’m too lazy to do the other spreads that other individuals include in their journals. I can’t really keep up with most of it, anyway. Sayang space. I removed my mood tracker because it makes me more sad that I am actually sad on most days. I don’t have the income and expense spread because I am still jobless. I feel useless so there’s no point for that spread, really.

mar1 3.jpg

LIGHT HOUSE! I squeezed in my lists for blog ideas, movies/series and books I can finish this month. My reading challenge is to read at least a book in a month so that space should be enough. I kind of surprised myself that I watched plenty of films in February (compared to the amount of books I’ve finished). Here’s the list and you might actually find a post about them here this month:

I don’t have weekly logs because I don’t really see the point. Huhu My journal is basically like a diary. I know it should be, like, help you organize your things but I’m just not that person. You do you. Maybe when things get a little handful, I’ll do it but not now. I’m currently focusing on my mental health more than anything else. Writing really does help. It’s the main purpose of why I do this and maybe just trying to be creative even for just a tiny bit. ☺️

How’s your first day of the month going so far? It’s too bright today. Plenty of hope, I guess. Let’s hold on to that 🌤

“I see ocean, I see desert, I see the world, everything, same thing, different night, it’s life again.”



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