Have you met people while on the road and wondered if you would ever see them again?

I had three encounters in a day that just stuck with me.

Since it was the first day of the month, I went out to see the sunset. I tell you, it was too pretty that it made me cry. I can be that emotional, if you don’t know yet.

Anyway, I was watching the sunset when two girls approached me. They told me they were classmates and now in 5th grade.

Apparently, the smaller one found a 2×2 picture inside her bag and she was confused as to how it got there. They were so into finding out who the woman in the picture was that they even asked everyone who walked in the subdivision. It was funny and cute because ‘what telenovela is this?’

The taller one told the other girl that maybe it was her true mom! It was a joke, obviously.

But the smaller girl asked me: “Do I look like her, ate?

I realized that kids really buy that thing. ‘Yung ampon ka lang. It is sad, right?

I remember thinking the same thing when I was a kid because well, I was melodramatic like that—still am. So, I told her not to believe her classmate, but I still saw how anxious she was.

I advised her to ask their classmates the next day in case they were picked on and someone just put that picture inside her bag. I hope she’s not thinking too much about it now.

They asked for my name first. You see, I am bad at names, so I don’t bother asking – especially if the chance of meeting you again is like, 1%. But then I thought, a chance is a chance.

I asked their names as well because I felt that sudden urge to remember them; that I want to remember the moment. They made me present; I was there. I was not just absentmindedly talking.

The smaller one is named Christine. I asked her first if it’s a K or a C (I believe this is important lol). She said, ‘C with h’. She’s a cutie! The taller one is Rihanna. ‘Like the singer?’ Yep, I know. Her mother or whoever named her, is, in the name of stan culture, an intellectual.

I wonder if I will see them again. I was not at home when I met them – it was someplace else and I’m not sure if they are from there as well.

I wonder if I will be able to recognize them when I see them again. I wonder how their lives are right now and all I can think is I hope they will be happy growing up as much as possible. They were so full of life and youth I literally wished on the stars that it wouldn’t be taken away from them.

That was the first encounter.black sneakers

Meanwhile, in a jeepney, an old man asked the driver if we already passed by this certain place. He was already too far from his destination. He got lost. I thought, how many of us got lost in the way? I could only hope that he made it home safe – wherever that is.

The third encounter was while I was walking down the street, I saw four street children sharing on one single bread. I even heard the smallest girl saying, “I want more.”

I felt so sad because I wanted to give them money, but believe me I had nothing with me. I swear, I only had the coins for the jeepney. I am this 👌 broke. I thought of their parents or where they live. I could only wish that they have at least a place they can stay at.

As the night came, all I could think: it was dark and lonely. Still, I hope we all live well.

the sunset on that day

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DISCLAIMER: featured image; caption from Eucalyptus

12 thoughts on “What happens to the people we meet in passing?

  1. Sobrang present mo in those times na talagang napapaisip ka sa kanila or kung ano na next na mangyari sa kanila. And nakakatuwa, I think I should do the same. Puro lang kasi ako cellphone eh 😂 kaya after an encounter or convo with strangers, hindi ko na sila iniisip

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