I want to dedicate this blog post to Kim Seokjin and Bangtan Sonyeondan. Now, if you think they do not deserve your two cents, you can now stop reading.

Finally, we are getting Answer! I still remember when I wrote the Love Yourself: Her last year and now we are in the last installment of the series already!

BTS did a great job with this concept. The songs and the messages it convey really speak so much about the journey of loving oneself. Heck, we might not even love ourselves completely. But, it is indeed worthwhile to experience and share these moments with them.

We started from Her – Serendipity, loving someone and thinking that it was all meant to be. Perhaps, it is really written in the stars.

Next, we got Wonder – Euphoria. Being in the state of happiness.

Then, there’s Tear – Singularity. Losing yourself because you love the other way too much that you forget to love yourself too.

And finally, Answer, Epiphany. It is the realization that love should start from within. Often times, when people leave, we ask ourselves why. Most of the time, we even blame ourselves for the things we lack. ‘Maybe I am not enough.’ We should learn to accept that people really leave; that at the end of the day, we probably only have ourselves.

Do not lose yourself.

solution pad

The way BTS correlate the concept from the works they did two years ago, or maybe even longer, is remarkable. In the previous music videos, we can see that Jin always opened the curtain. Now, in Epiphany, he finally closed it. The conclusion. We finally arrived. And perhaps, I am crying again. I tweeted:

it means stop looking outside and start looking in within yourself fdlkgjdf I LOVE THE CONCEPT SO MUCH

My thoughts are still all over the place, but here is the music video and I hope you will give it a chance (in case you are reading this and you are not an ARMY lol) Seokjin has really a nice vocals and his voice alone is already filled with emotions. He could sing acapella and I would still break down into tears. And, these are Namjoon lyrics. Right? Right? Right?

[Edited] It’s Jin’s lyrics! [Edited]


Let me end it here with my two brain cells about the concept of self love:

Self love is finding and feeling at home with yourself – not somewhere else. Self love is about accepting the fact that you can’t make home out of people. I hope we all find our way home  ✨

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2 thoughts on “Love Youself Series: Answer 結

  1. I’m sure this is Namjoon’s lyrics as he has been the one shaping all the intros but it was interesting to see how some of Armys think it might have been Yoongi cause the lyrics are too straightforward this time around

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    1. Maybe the both of them this time. I really like to think it’s Namjoon’s so I have an excuse to think that the song Yoongi wrote for Seokjin is still something we can have in the next releases lol because yk my yoonjin ass would love that so much


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