Found this on my journal dated September 22, 2018

I wore yellow today to cover up the gloomy feeling. The color brought back so many memories.

Growing up, yellow was my favorite color. It was the very first color that gave me joy. It was literal sunshine to me. I asked my mother how my preference changed from yellow to blue. She said she had no idea, but I’ve always been choosing blue if it’s not yellow.

Yellow is summer to me. I guess that’s why it has changed. I loved summer as a kid. It meant watching anime all day and night with my brother. It means going to my grandma’s house enjoying the field; the hammock under the mango tree; picking up the guavas that fell on the ground, asking if it was edible.

I hate summer now.

Perhaps, that’s what changed. It is not the color, but the season. It feels nice to have a little bit of yellow again, though. I just don’t feel too bright anymore.

I am blue. Calm. Resigned.

Sometimes, it is more than just a color 🙂 So, what’s your favorite and what do you associate with that color?

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6 thoughts on “Yellow Shirt

  1. My favorite color is pink, but I can’t associate anything to that color. Lol! I can always see green and yellow as the positive colors. Green is for nature and yellow for sunshine. 😊


    1. it’s good!!! that means it might stay with you for a long time hahaha yes, those, too!!! i used to hate brown before but look at my blog now lol the thing is, the different shades make the colors special. it can be pale, but it can be intense as well 🙂


  2. i used to like blue. yellow’s not my favorite but i’ll always like it on me. maybe we all need some yellow in our lives. 🙂

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