My dear readers,

Our aunt is still in ICU and our bill is already 1.1M ($20,000). We badly need your help—any amount is greatly appreciated. 🙏

She is diagnosed with:
Acute Respiratory Failure
Acute Coronary Syndrome NSTEM
Heart Failure Reduced Ejection Fraction
Community Acquired Pneumonia
Active Kidney Injury On Top of Possible Chronic Kidney Disease

medical cert

Here is the summary of fees as of Aug 29, 2022.

summary of fees

My cousins are now now on cash basis, so we really really need help.

cash basis

If you are able to help, you can send it directly to my cousin’s GCash account: 09178019901

I am attaching the QR code here as well:

kuya argen

Paypal options:

Thank you so much for your kind heart. 💙


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